Friday, January 18, 2013

Baby its cold outside.. that means is time for SOUP!

This weekend i did some good ole home cooking! Nothing makes me more happier than being in the kitchen for a SHORT amount of time whipping up new recipes with Bella. This kid LOVES to cook!  I invited the family over for a big ole family pot of chicken enchilada STEW not soup :) Theres a very big difference!

This is the EASIEST recipe ever and you could probably 1/2 it if you weren't cooking for a ton of people.
I found this reicpe in a crockpot cookbook but i changed it quite a bit!

-6 cans chicken-Sometimes i cook and shredd chieckn but i was being lazy on Sunday
-3 cans enchilada sauce
-2 cans chicken broth
-2 cans corn
-2 cans green chiles
-2 large cans stewed tomatoes
-1 box bow tie pasta

Dump everything in crockpot except the pasta

Boil the pasta and then add that in the crock pot

Cook on low 6-8 hours.

The recipe before didn't call for any type of noodles hints why im calling this a STEW and not a soup its very thick but very Delicious :)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you and yours the very merriest of Christmas and the happiest new years!

Monday, November 19, 2012

This weekend I.....

  • Packed everything for our trip to the beach
  • Went to a Christmas craft show with my mom,grandma & Bella
  • Took a nap on Saturday!
  • Went out to dinner with my family for my uncles birthday
  • FINALLY got to see my best friend who came in town for thanksgiving!
  • Went to a Friend chicken dinner to support a local church and it was AMAZING
  • Took Bella to get her first pedicure for the beach trip with all the girls that are going!
  • Went to walmart and sipped on a peppermint mocha!
  • Ate the new 5 guys that opened up in our town!
  • went to Sam's black Friday that was actually last night shopping event!
  • Had a blast spending LOTS of time with family :)
What did you do this weekend?? 
Happy Monday!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What we have been up to!

Its been along time since i have updated this blog. We have been very busy. This is an Iphone picture dump!

Little Miss has started dance class again. she did it last year and loved it so we are doing it again this year!
She seriously has the BEST teacher!

She went with her mamma to vote and was SOO good they gave her a sticker!

We have family dinner EVERY single Sunday. We love this time with our family and sweat pants are required :)

This past weekend we spent the hole day on Saturday getting Christmas shopping done! We traveled to Springfield which is just about an hour and a half away and we made a pretty big dent in it!

For being so good little miss got to ride the horsies!

We then went to a store that i have NEVER been to! its called Scheels. it just recently opened in Springfield and it was soo cool they had a fish tank!

They also have a Ferris wheel in the middle of the store!
I am TERRIFIED of these things. however little miss was adamant that she wanted to ride it. I absolutely HATE heights BUT since it was inside i decided to give it a try. i learned that i still hate them but i also learned that Bella REALLY likes Ferris wheels. UGHH OH!!

In other news we leave for cancun in 8 DAYS!!! I am soo excited! We leave the day after thanksgiving. I work next week Monday, Tuesday and then i am off until December 3rd! I am so excited. I know that these next 8 days are going to fly by. Our family will start to arrive for the Thanksgiving holiday this Sunday and then again on Tuesday and we cant wait to see them!!

We had to make little miss a chain to count down how many days are until we go to the BEACH. She kept waking up EVERY single day in tears because it wasn't time yet!

I am sooo excited for our vacation. We went to Cancun last year and stayed at the same resort we are staying at this year. i love this resort they are SOO kid friendly it is at the end of the strip so more family orientated and not crazy party place. I am excited for a good ole relaxing time. that brings me to my next point i need a new book to read any one have any good suggestions?

Halloween festivities 2012

We had a WONDERFUL Halloween! We spent the weekend before doing all things related to Trick or treating!

Friday night after i got off work i met the family at grandma and grandpas for a dinner. then we carved our pumpkins and after that we watch charlie browns great pumpkin patch. it was a wonderful evening!!

Saturday was a fun day as well. We went to our local zoo and they had boo at zoo. it was so fun the kids walked around to 10 different station and got candy/coloring books it was soo cute!

The cutest kitty cat i ever did see!
Sunday was the funniest day all weekend! Bella had a halloween party with all of her little friends! We painted pumpkins, decorated sugar cookies and trick or treated outside at different stations. Then we all enjoyed a big pot of chili. it was such a fun day!

All of the little kids that came over!
That would be my grandma in the back and that was the setup when everyone arrived!

These three are like the 3 stooges they are each born 6 months after the other and they go to the same daycare. they are so fun to watch grow up!

Wednesday night was the big trick or treating. Bella had so much fun going from house to house!

this was halloween morning ready for a fun day at daycare!
i made these little treat bags for her to take to preschool
Halloween night in front of my parents house!

This was such a fun weekend/week. Bella was really in to trick or treating and really enjoyed going from house to house!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

St. Louis Trip weekend of 9/28

Bella and i traveled to St. Louis the weekend of 9/28 for a time full of fun with our family. we have cousins that live down there and its just a short 3 hours from home and we love going down there. that being said we are huge cardinals fans and miss Bella got to attend her first cardinals game!!

I cant get these to flip but these are the girls with fred bird!

Saturday we enjoyed a low key night in. we had faboulus take out, some wine and a movie!

Sunday we went to the best pumpkin patch ever! We seriously could of spent ALL day here. they had SOOO much to offer!

It was a great time and we LOVE going to St. Louis!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Its finally FRIDAY!!

This has been a SUPER busy week for me!! 

*Monday was a normal work day & then Bella had dance class until 7pm which means we don’t get home until 730 just in time for baths and bed. Thank god for my mom for picking up & feeding Bella dinner!

 *Tuesday was another normal work day followed by dinner at the parents’ house to celebrate my brothers 23rd birthday!

*Wednesday Bella was with her dad and I worked late & went to target after work!
*Thursday I packed the car & got everything ready because today at 12pm we are headed to St. Louis!!!
We go to St. Louis at least once if not twice a month because my cousins live there!!! We have quite a bit of things planned and I’m so excited because one of them it taking Bella for the very first time to this little gem……

Thats right we are headed to a St. Louis Cardinals game tonight. Taking Bella to her first game!! Im excited i don't expect her to sit for very long  by any means but there is SO  much to do and plenty of places to watch them game!

By far my favorite player. Matt Holliday!!
Bella LOVES Fred bird. She knows who he is. Looks for him on T.V and loves watching him dance. She met him last January but preferred to watch him from afar so it will be fun to see how she does!

Besides the game we don't really have anything else planned. We usually just go down there and fly by the seat of our pants :).

I hope everyone has a................